Thursday, March 1, 2012

Naked ladies

One day while I was away last week, David went to investigate what Gretchen was woofing at. It turned out to be these flowers that had suddenly appeared in our front paddock! More surprise flowers that we haven't planted. They are Amaryllis belladonna, an autumn flowering bulb from South Africa, with the common name of 'naked lady' due to the bare stems. They didn't come up last year, so I am guessing they must be enjoying the hot, dry weather we have had. I am sure there will be some web surfers who end up on my blog not expecting to see flowers...


  1. Hallo Susan,
    Die Amaryllis, im Freien wachsend, hatte ich tatsächlich nicht erwartet!
    Hier ist es noch Winter und wir haben eine kleinere Art dessen (aus der Kaufhalle als Zwiebel gekauft), im Wohnzimmer.
    Sie blüht zum zweiten Mal, braucht viel Licht und viel Wasser.
    Diese bei Dir, die „naked Ladies“, sind aber viel beeindruckender!
    Herzliche Grüße aus Flandern,

  2. yeah I saw these the other day driving past, They look great:) reminded me I MUST get some daffodil bulbs this year!

  3. I have some of these in my garden too, the garden is always a surprise isnt it.

    Hope you are enjoying being back in tassie again.

  4. I haven't seen those flowers since leaving NZ in 1986. They certainly don't thrive in Perth. They remind me of my mum, she always got a laugh out of their 'common' name.