Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Model trains at Hartzview

We often take visitors to Hartzview Vineyard, in Gardners Bay, only a short drive from Cygnet. They make some delicious fortified wines and liqueurs, the best (in my view) being a honey mead, served in a slightly warmed glass. The cassis is lovely as well. The vineyard is in such a pretty location, on a hill with - as the name tells you - a perfect view of the Hartz Mountains. They also have a collection of old pickers huts on the property that you can take a look through. And a very friendly cat.

David found out a while ago from owner Anthea that there is a shed containing her husband Rob's model trains on the property. He's been trying to gain access ever since. In fact there are two sheds, each containing a couple of different layouts. A few weeks ago, we read in the local paper that they would be opening the sheds and running the trains to raise money for the Salvation Army's Red Shield Appeal. What a great fundraising idea. Apparently they had so many people on one day last year that they opened for two days this year. We arrived bright and early, just as the volunteers who would be running the trains arrived, and were treated to a personal tour of one of the sheds. It's quite a collection.

If you're a Huon local, keep an eye out on the local paper and classifieds to find out about next year's model train expo fundraiser.

Monday, September 14, 2015


As I write, it's warm and sunny. We've had three days of T-shirt weather. The welcome swallows are back again for the summer and swooping around, with their distinctive chirping. Bright yellow daffodils have popped up in the front paddock. We've been out in the garden on the weekend, digging, planting, weeding, watering, relocating raised garden beds. It's light enough to be outside at 6pm. The tomato and basil seedlings have popped up in their warm, indoor pots. Soggy patches of ground have dried up. The strong scent of wattle fills the air. Tiny buds have appeared on the fruit trees. Sebastian the rooster has a spring in his step and a look in his eye as he chases the ladies around the place. With our windows open, cheerful bird and frog noises float in. I know the warm days won't last (I'm not about to plant the potatoes yet), but for now, isn't spring wonderful?