Thursday, March 29, 2012

The quilt walk

As part of this year's Focus on Franklin festival, the talents of local quilters were on display in the windows of many homes in the town.


The Aqua Grill seafood restaurant also featured an exhibition of quilts. One of those belongs to a friend who had (as she put it) a "big-0" birthday this year. As a gift, some friends in our walking group asked us to contribute a square for a quilt they would make for her. Boy there are some clever and creative people out there. Due to my complete lack of sewing skills, I kept our square very simple and simply stitched a trail of dog paw prints across the cheesecloth square (she likes dogs), and attached a pink bow in honour of her involvement with the fabulous Dragons Abreast dragon boat team in Tasmania. Here's a small section of the finished quilt:


  1. I love the idea behind your friends quilt. i dont think it would look so good if my friends had to contribute a square !!!

  2. Nice to see there is a strong quilting community in the Huon.