Thursday, May 11, 2017

Seven years in paradise

Yesterday marked seven years since we arrived at our little piece of paradise in Tasmania's Huon Valley. So much has happened and yet so little has changed. The weather yesterday looked almost exactly the same as the day we arrived.

Compare the photo of me in the very first post on this blog, when I looked a little dazed from the relocation, the dislocation. The sun rises noticeably north at this time of year - see the shadow in the photo above - and dews are heavy. Fog starts to appear in the valley, but up on the hill, it's usually sunny.  The occasional patch of frost. A few snowflakes falling. Some dark and moody days heralding winter.

Autumn is a spectacular time in the valley. We are so grateful we've landed here.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Backyard of Fires

Okay, it's not exactly the famous Bay of Fires in the north east of Tasmania, or a tourist attraction, but we have a lot of rocks at our place that are also covered with a striking bright orange lichen.