Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I've been away from home for eight days, at work events and to work from our Sydney office for a couple of days. Right now I'm in Queensland. I wish I could say it had all been this...

... but I admit that was a totally staged shot. I was on the deck chair for as long as it took to take the photo.

Normally I'm only away for a couple of days and don't have time to think much about home, or to be honest, about anything much other than the task at hand. For some odd reason this time I have felt terribly homesick and kind of lonely, despite the many great people I've met and caught up with. Sure, Queensland is nice, and the weather has actually been cooler here than at home in Tasmania over the past few days which reached 35-40 degrees. But it's humid and it's not home. I think I will let out a little cheer when I land in Hobart tonight.

We have met several couples in Tasmania where one partner goes to work in Melbourne or Sydney all week and comes home on the weekend. It must be terribly hard to keep that up.

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