Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just walking the dog

Last year we joined the Huon Valley Dog Walking Association. As well as providing outings for dogs to be walked, exercised and socialised with other dogs, the group promotes responsible dog ownership, the health benefits of dog walking and also lobbies local government to make areas available for dog walking. They are pretty limited in our area and too many obviously good places to walk dogs are designed 'no dogs' or on-leash only. I have mentioned before that one thing we do miss about Sydney is the daily walk up to our local off-leash dog park. It was a large, relatively safe area where dogs and their owners gathered late each afternoon. Today we joined the Huon group on a lovely walk from the centre of Cygnet to the Sailing Club and back, finishing up at The Lotus Eaters for dog-friendly coffee and chat. If you own a dog in the Huon area and want to join in the fun, email for details.

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  1. In the background of the last photo is the Gourmet Farmer guy.