Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kaoota tramway

Today our social walking group walked the Kaoota tramway track, near Margate. There are many disused tram and railway routes in Tasmania. Many of them were used for transporting timber, but this one (built in 1906) was used for getting coal out of the mine at Kaoota down to the port at Margate. There were pieces of coal still to be seen from spills. As it was a tramway, the path is wide and level, making for easy walking. From the Margate end, it's a steady uphill climb for 6km and then a gentle downhill on the return of course. The track can be done by bike or horse as well, but dogs are not allowed, unlike the nearby Snug Falls track where on-leash dogs are permitted. There are some nice views along the way, like the one below north to Cape Raoul. Here's a little map of our walk.

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