Friday, March 23, 2012

Inverawe Native Gardens

It's hard to believe that Margaret and Bill Chestnut only bought this 22 acre block of land overlooking North West Bay 11 years ago. They have planted more than 8500 Australian native trees and turned what was a weed-filled wasteland into a peaceful, landscaped garden Their message is that native plants can be used to create a garden just as colourful and beautiful as introduced species, but one that's sustainable, water-wise and low maintenance.

The place is filled with birds and visited regularly by native animals. On a noticeboard at the entrance is an amazing close up photo of a masked owl that had landed on the ground after being harassed by crows. Another photo shows a pademelon stretching up to drink from one of the decorative water fountains.

The entrance to Inverawe Native Gardens is located at the rear of the Margate Train, only 20 minutes drive from Hobart. If you are a serious gardening buff, you could take a tour hosted by one of the owners. We politely declined and took a self-guided walk instead, using the helpful map provided.

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