Thursday, March 8, 2012

Today's little harvest

... is some rather large carrots.


  1. oh wow! they look great:) Are you going to plant any winter crops? I'm trying to decide, a bit more preparation required due to cold and snow...don't want them to die.
    Isn't it great harvesting your own stuff - my mum wonders why people do it when it is cheaper and easier to buy them from the supermarket, but then I try to explain that's not the point is it!

  2. I have some beans growing and might plant something else, but mainly plan on improving the soil a bit over winter, in the hope that crops will do a bit better next year. Maybe with some green manure or just plenty of compost. Yep, it is lovely eating stuff that's fresh from the garden, and quite exciting watching it grow!

  3. Hallo Susan,
    Diese Mohrrüben sind aber wirklich beeindruckend groß!
    Vorfrühlingsgrüße aus Flandern,