Monday, January 2, 2012


Yes, we've been to the Cane's orchard in Franklin again. They sell fantastic stone fruit direct to the public from the top of their steep driveway. They even do a 'mixed box' of peaches and nectarines. Now I'm looking forward to a box of their apricots. I enjoyed them so much last year.


  1. Hi Susan, Where is Canes Orchard??
    Ive not heard of them before. I might need to visit as my fruit trees are terrible this year, the last frost killed off all the fruit.

  2. DT & DM Cane, 3238 Huon Hwy, Franklin - driving into Franklin from Huonville, you will see on the right near an old apple shed a white sign saying 'PEACHES', 'TAYBERRIES', 'NECTARINES' or whatever they have for sale at that time, and another sign pointing up the hill. If the sign isn't out, they're closed. Enjoy!

  3. thanks susan, will go and have a look, i do remember going past the Tayberries sign the other day as i had never heard of them before.