Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rescue dogs

This beautiful dog belongs to Wendy from our local seafood restaurant and fish and chips takeaway, Aqua Grill. Isn't she sweet? She was adopted a year ago as a rescue dog and is a little timid - not keen on people wearing black apparently, and a bit frightened of feet. But once you win her trust, she just wants chin tickles and ear scratches like any other pup. How on earth could people mistreat an animal like this?

Last month we also had the great pleasure of meeting Tippy Latte, another gorgeous rescue dog, at the home of Rhondda, owner of Star Anise beauty therapy in Huonville. She was also a little nervous of all the people at the Christmas barbeque, but when you weren't looking, she would quickly sneak up and lick your elbow! Such a cute dog.

If you want your heart melted with more photos of beautiful rescue dogs available for adoption in Tasmania, take a look at the blog A Thing For Sewing. Melinda volunteers for Dogs' Homes of Tasmania and helps to find new owners for so many lovely dogs. Or sign up to the Brightside Farm Sanctuary page on Facebook and read more about the great work they do. I hope many more dogs found happy new homes this Christmas.

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