Sunday, January 22, 2012


It won fifth place in a 2004 contest to find 'the most beautiful German word'. Whatever language it is in, rhubarb is my favourite jam. Even better if it's rhubarb and ginger.

Yesterday I picked half a kilo of rhubarb from our little apple crate veggie garden; today it's jam. It tasted pretty good, now I'm just hoping it sets better than my last attempt at making jam some years ago in Sydney. I haven't made any since, preferring instead to buy what I know is good, like the lovely jams made by locals Maggy and Chris and sold at the monthly Growers and Makers Market in Franklin. My favourite of their jams is the apricot and brandy, with the gooseberry and elderflower a very close second... or is that the raspberry, or the plum or the grapefruit marmelade? All delicious.

However it seems almost criminal not to make my own when we have such an abundance of fresh fruit available here, and I've been saving nice jars, so fingers crossed this batch is good.


  1. Good luck with the jams, I have been in production recently with the lovely Nectarines and Peaches I bought in franklin and Strawberries i bought in Cygnet. I also made Raspberry Jam (from my garden) and Plum Jam also from my garden. I made Rhubarb and Apple last year and need to spruce up the Rhubarb patch a bit so i can make some more. Its just so rewarding isnt it when you have your own jams sitting in the cupboard.