Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Roaring Beach

On the Australia Day public holiday last week, our neighbours and their nearby family and friends took their kids and horses down to Roaring Beach, near Surveyors Bay on the Esperance Coast Road between Geeveston and Dover. I popped in briefly after collecting our new coffee table from Geeveston. We had driven down this beautiful stretch of road a few times, and once took Baerli to a small but lovely off-leash dog beach close to the Dover end. Unfortunately it was very windy last Thursday, but on a fine day it would make a perfect picnic spot. This mobile phone snap doesn't do it justice. We'll definitely go back sometime.

Note: there is another Roaring Beach, a well-known surf beach on the Tasman Peninsula.


  1. Hi Susan,
    This beach looks amazing and is just what I'm looking for on my day/s off on our side of the river! - Can you pls tell me if it is easy to get to from the Esperance Coast Road? Do you need a 4w drive? Are there any signposts or landmarks to look out for? Have you been to Randalls Bay yet? The Cygnet locals tell me it is lovely, I'm hoping to go over there very soon - even if the weather is shite. Have you started your walks yet? Enjoying your posts :)

  2. Hi Heather, it's pretty easy to get to and without 4WD is fine. If you look up Esperance Coast Rd on Google maps, south of Surveyors Bay you'll see a road off to the left called Roaring Beach Rd. It's closer to Dover than to the Geeveston end. I haven't been to Randalls Bay yet but dog walking people at Cygnet say it is great! I have been hopeless again at going walking, but have been doing "Fitness on the Foreshore" Monday 6pm in Franklin at least...

    1. Thanks Susan that's excellent info.
      ....very envious of your motivation to exercise!

  3. It looks beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing!