Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tassie tan

I was never much of a beach goer in Sydney, but you can count on one hand the number of times I've had my legs out in public in Tasmania so far. This week the weather has been so warm I've had shorts on two days in a row! Today we waded in the lovely clear water at Kingston beach again with the dogs. Apologies to anyone who was momentarily blinded by my luminous white Tassie tan.


  1. ha, ha Susan. Rob's been wearing shorts since November, you have to make the most of summer in Tassie. but I must admit this last week has been pretty good!

  2. At least your sensible, my arms & legs are so tanned it's a worry. I seem to burn in Tassie even with layers of sunscreen. But I am really loving the warm days and nights!!

  3. You are right, the sun really bites here and it's so easy to get burnt even with sunscreen and a hat. The contrast between my brown arms and lily white legs makes me look even funnier :-)

  4. The sun was burning me through my shirt at the beach this day.
    I apply sunscreen and then it runs into my eyes and stings.
    Rock hard place.