Monday, January 16, 2012

The big apple

 I spent the past two days exploring parts of New York City that I haven't been to before, after three days of meetings with my team and managers at company headquarters in Connecticut. On Friday night my team had a fantastic meal at The Standard Grill. On the weekend I toured the fascinating Tenement Museum, had brunch at Freemans, walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, went to the New York Transit Museum in a disused subway station, took in the view from the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center), saw the works of top German and Austrian artists at the Neue Gallerie and ate in its Viennese-style Cafe Sabarsky, then marched through Central Park in the brisk -5 degree but sunny late afternoon. Oh and went shopping of course. Mainly clothes.

I love this city. Although I have chosen to move to "the country" (I suppose you'd call it that), and I absolutely love the peace it brings, I still like cities. I just do not want to live in the suburbs ever again. If I move back to a city, I swear I'll live somewhere smack bang in the middle of it. Where I don't need a car and have everything on my doorstep. Just like here in NYC.

As well as doing my normal job this week, I have been voluntary tourism ambassador for Tasmania, telling everyone about the gourmet and wilderness paradise that it is. What I discovered is that the only thing many people know of the place is Taz the Tasmanian Devil from the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoons. Some of those believe that it's a fictitious cartoon beast and not a real live (albeit increasingly threatened) animal.

Tomorrow the 30 hour trip home begins. I'm starting to look forward to some fresh Tassie air.

Brunch at Freemans
Walking over Brooklyn Bridge
An old subway carriage in the New York Transit Museum
Lovely old brownstones in Brooklyn Heights
Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge
Sparrows warming themselves in the sun (it was -8 degrees)
Manhattan skyline from the Top of the Rock
Viennese-style lunch at the Neue Gallerie
Late afternoon sun in Central Park


  1. I hope you had a munchkin-free flight back to TassieLand. 30 hours. There should be an award of some sort for that!

  2. Susan I love the contrasts you have in your world. The relative solitude, earthiness and simplicity of country life coupled with the best of city life in the big Apple. I'd love your are incredibly lucky. Safe journey back.

  3. Hallo Susan,
    Vielen Dank für diesen Reisebericht mit herrliche Bilder.
    Herzliche Grüße aus Flandernland,

  4. sounds great, i feel the same, if i moved back to the "Mainland" i would rather live in the city and get rid of the car too. Love your photos, let me know if you need an assistant hehe

  5. Great pics, Susan, and terrific to see you in NYC again.