Thursday, January 26, 2012

Southern Design Centre

For Christmas, my mum gave us a terrific gift: a voucher to put towards having a piece of furniture made at the Southern Design Centre in Geeveston. She knows we have wanted a coffee table for ages. There's no point us having one permanently stationed exactly at tail-wagging height in front of the lounge. One swoosh of a Bernese Mountain Dog's powerful fluffy tail and there goes... well everything, really. But we'd like something other than the blanket box from the guest room to put drinks on when we have visitors. I was thinking maybe a nest of tables that we could move into place would be best.

On a visit to the Southern Design Centre on Sunday we saw some lightweight coffee tables that could be easily moved to wherever we need. They use the natural shape and pattern of the wood rather than being completely squared and sanded. We specified the size and shape we wanted and placed our order on Sunday. On Monday Dennis called to say he had a suitable piece of Tasmanian Sassafras wood available and would start work on it, yesterday he sent a photo of the completed table to my mobile phone and varnished it, today I collected it.

I love the colours and patterns in Sassafras. We were a little worried that it wouldn't fit in with our fairly modern home, but I think it looks great. The cost is very reasonable considering you get what you want. I have bought a few other things at the Southern Design Centre since moving here, including a beautifully warm and soft alpaca wool jumper. It's worth popping in if you're in the area.


  1. its one of my favourite woods too, your table looks beautiful. Nothing quite like a hand crafted piece of timber. Ive got a Jarrah dining table that i just love.

  2. Looks gorgeous, it's hard to go past Sassafras. I always enjoy a good wander thru the SDC and never leave empty handed!

  3. What a beautiful table...I too love sassafras the dark grains combined with the lighter shade of the timber is so unusual and appealing. I'm down that way tomorrow so hoping to check out the design centre and see what treasures I can find.