Monday, December 26, 2011

A very merry Christmas

Christmas Day was a whirlwind of friends, food and fun. We started by opening gifts from our family under the tree, moved on to brunch at the beautiful home below, followed by a lovely long lunch with great company at the newly completed masterpiece home of more friends. Luckily there was a break before dessert for a walk along the river and games on the oval. 'Rudolph' pictured here was a handmade Kris Kringle aka Secret Santa gift. There was no way I would have guessed what was inside that well wrapped present. We finished the day by dropping in on our neighbours who were enjoying a few drinks with family and friends on their new deck. Delicious food and great company, what more could we wish for. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful day too.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas.
    Since my last comment about Chooks, I have found that mine are infested with mites !!!!
    the chook shed was covered in them today, i had them on me last night and showered them away, today i went out and investigated and found millions of them - and showered again when i came in, typical that it happens on a day when the shops are shut and i cant get any powder. maybe when i fix up the mites i might get more eggs.

  2. Oh no! And thanks for the reminder Jo, I need to dust the chooks again soon, along with their perch and nest area. Usually I end up with as much derris dust on me as the chooks.