Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rural services

We haven't had many problems with the lack of services up our road. By that I mean no post delivery, no garbage collection, no town water, no mains gas, no phone line. In fact in many ways I prefer it this way. It means we get to drink tank water and collect our mail from the nice people who run the local post office. Even taking our rubbish to the tip has its benefits. I instantly became much more conscious of what I could compost and buy without packaging to reduce our rubbish. Also, there's no garbage truck noise to disturb the peace at 6am.

However, yesterday morning's 'planned' power outage presented some small challenges. In the past, we have received a letter from Aurora Energy to say that the power would be out from, say, 9am until midday on a certain day, for repairs or upgrades. But this time, nothing. At 8.55am the power went out. Hmm. I called the service hotline five minutes later, to be told there was a 'planned' outage until 3pm due to tree trimming on our road. So with laptop battery power and wireless broadband I was able to keep working from home for a couple of hours, until my computer battery died and the mobile phone battery was about to go. The water pump wasn't working, so no tap water or flushing toilets. When we've had warning of outages before, we have filled some plastic containers with water and put the kettle on the gas stove for tea. So I decided to go and work from the internet cafe in Huonville... um, the truck is in the garage and the remote controlled door would need to be disengaged so I could get out. Sent a text to David who was at a customer site in Sandy Bay to explain why the garage would not open when he got home.

This morning, looking out the window I can see the workers chainsawing and mulching trees on our road and I'm wondering whether there is another 'planned' outage about to happen... at least today I am fully charged and better prepared!


  1. i had two days of that a couple of months back, it makes you realise how much you rely on the electric sometimes. The first day was very annoying as i forgot and got up about 30 seconds before the power went off and hadnt had a shower, so i packed up little on and headed off to the Hobart pool so i could have a shower and go for a swim and then stood under that shower again for ages, not having to worry about using up my precious tank water, a bit naught i know but it was so nice.
    Aurora came out last week and said they are going to turn off again soon and replace the wires from the street to our power pole in the paddock, so hoping we get some notice on that one. LOL. or it might be another trip to the shower at the swimming pool!

  2. yeah. we got caught out also. first time it ever happened Aurora had sent notice to wrong address. This time, they sent it out, but because we don't have a mailbox and only check our PO box once a week...we missed it. the lack of pump pressure is ok. but it is being without the net that sucks. UPS pleeeese. apparently Aurora give you 4 days notice. we wish they'd sms rather than post would be cheaper and more effective.
    Heather, Franklin.