Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tank water

OK, that's not the tank we drink out of, it's the small tank attached to our chook shed. In addition to this old slightly rusty tank, we also have a modern new one that holds approximately 40,000 litres, with a pump to bring the water to the house. The water that comes from our tap is pure, clean and tastes fantastic. I appreciate it most when I'm interstate for work and refill my plastic bottle from the tap in the hotel. Urgh.

Although Hobart is the second-driest capital city in Australia, we get a lot of rain at our place here in the Huon Valley. We have rainforest on our property to prove it, with huge man ferns, bright green moss and colourful fungi in autumn. It seems that as the weather moves in from the south west, the clouds dump all the rain on us as they come over the hill, then keep going. The opposite side of the river at Cradoc is very dry by comparison.

When we first moved here from Sydney with its water restrictions, we kept up the water saving techniques, like using a bucket to catch the water from the shower before it heats up, to use for dog drinking water and the garden... but pretty soon stopped that when we realised that our rainwater tank is constantly overflowing. If we do a few loads of washing one day, it's almost guaranteed that we'll get a downpour overnight and magically it is full again. Even having a few guests to stay hasn't put much of a dent in it. We're tempted to get a few more tanks and bottle the stuff... except that bottled water isn't so great for our environment.


  1. I had a case of water saving paranoia that was quite ingrained. Lil buckets catching every drop in the garden, frantic watering after a warm day..two years down the track I realise it rains enough not to get too bothered!!

  2. yeah at first I was a bit paranoid, wondering if we were going to run out over summer, but our tank has pretty much been full the entire last 1.5yrs and we just don't worry about using water anymore - although we still would never be wasteful with it - coming from Brisbane we had really tight water restrictions - I think the allocation was 140litres per day/person - level 3 or 4, and those habits die hard! We are all really fortunate to have such a plentiful supply of such a valuable commodity :)
    Heather, Franklin

  3. im another one that came from water restrictions. we are still careful as we have 5 in the house and currently have 2 visitors. we did run out of the house tank once but we have a tank on the shed that was full and we diverted it down and filled up the house one. Dont you just love the sound of rain every few days filling up that tank again. And wasnt today a just glorious day. Tassie is great.