Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Jazz on the Yukon

In a wonderful end to the Focus on Franklin weekend, the Danish ship the Yukon sailed the short distance from the Marina at Franklin to moor in front of the Landcare Walk along the Huon River just north of the town. A jazz band played on board and her decks were full of friends and family. People gathered along the board walk with picnic chairs, wine and snacks to listen, chat and groove away to to the music. On the road above the river, cars stopped to take photos and marvel at the sight.

ABC TV news featured  the Yukon in a story last week about the family who sailed here from Europe with her, but if you missed it, here's an ABC Radio interview with owner and shipwright Dave Nash. He's now offering tours which we must do with visitors one day...

At about 8pm, she sailed off down the river, bound for Port Davey. What a wonderful life.

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