Monday, March 31, 2014

Focus on Franklin 2014

I loved the format of this year's Focus on Franklin festival. No food stalls on the oval. Instead, the entire length of the main road of Franklin had stalls, shops, food, car boot sales, displays and more. We started by having our car washed at a fundraiser for a local who will be riding the Gibb River Road in WA for charity in July. There was a Franklin History Group display in the new Jane Franklin Memorial Museum and Gallery, cider judging in the Apple Delights competition, music by Steve and Marjorie Gadd in St. John's church, curry at the Living Boat Trust, more music in the supper room of the Palais. On Sunday there was the St. Ayles Skiff Regatta, the Franklin Market and more music that was so special I'll save it for a separate post. I know I've said this before, but how lucky we are to live in the village of Franklin.

Jane Franklin Memorial Museum and Gallery
Cider judging
Naomie Clark-Port of Frank's Cider conducts a tour and tasting
Franklin Market on Sunday
The inaugural St. Ayles Skiff Regatta


  1. I've been out of Blogland for a day or two so it was nice to return and find I had four of yours to read! I was interested to read that you gave carrots to your dogs - I've never thought of that! There's really nothing so tasty as home grown carrots. I have very fond memories of eating carrots straight from the ground in my grandfather's garden about 50 years ago! And I still do that - eat the carrots straight from the ground, that is!
    I'm sorry I missed the activities at Franklin on Sunday - seemed to be a lot of variety!

    1. Been a bit prolific recently Anne, sorry! I love fresh home grown carrots too. Despite mixed results the last few years, I'll keep trying. We used to simply hand a carrot to our older dog as a treat and she would go away and chomp it. Our dogs are so greedy, they eat almost anything. Including a carrot in their dinner seems to slow them down a little. At least they have to chew it a bit...