Friday, April 18, 2014

Haircut from hell in Huonville

Perhaps my biggest indulgence is a trip into Hobart every 6-7 weeks for a haircut at a good salon. Yes, I know it's a 45 minute drive. Yes, I know it's expensive. A bit ridiculous and extravagant. And yes, I wish I could just let my hair grow long and wear it in a pony tail. But I look truly awful with long hair and have no skill at all with hair-dos. Plus, I need to look professional in my job. Dreadlocks won't cut it.

When we first moved to Tasmania, I decided to try out a local salon in Huonville, just 15 minutes down the road. A lovely young lady cut my hair for a few months. If I had asked her to do something different there might have been trouble, but she did a very good basic cut and colour. And it was $80, compared to the $200+ I used to pay a fancy salon in Manly in Sydney. I was delighted. And then she left.

The next time I went back, someone else cut my hair. What I came out with can only be described as a kind of mullet. Instead of a straight bob, my hair was somehow long at the back and short at the front. My fringe was crooked. And the kid in the seat next to me at the salon had lice. It was time to find somewhere else.

Next, I tried a trendy kind of place in Kingston, a 30 minute drive away. The result was not much better and the staff were really rude. So I hit the internet for recommendations, and the same place in Hobart kept popping up. I know it's a bit extreme, driving that far and paying that much (though still less than Sydney prices) but to me it's worth every cent. It's insurance against the mullet.


  1. Yes, I don't spend a lot of money on beauty products, but when I get a haircut I do go to one of the most expensive places in Hobart, Rob too! A bad haircut or colour can take a long time to fix up!!!!

    1. Yep agree - I'm not exactly a fashion-conscious person, but I do look in the mirror before leaving the house. My confidence takes a dive if I have a bad haircut/colour!

  2. In the beginning i had a few shocking haircuts in Cygnet, that left me in tears- Never again.. A 45 minute drive for a good haircut, sounds like a perfectly good day out!