Monday, April 28, 2014

The bell curve of visitors

Comedian Anthony Morgan, a very funny bloke who also lives in the Huon Valley, said during a gig in Hobart a few years back that when you move from say Melbourne or Sydney to Tasmania, you experience the "bell curve of visitors". At first no-one comes, then in your second and third year here all your friends want to visit, then gradually the visitors drop off until no-one visits again.

We love having visitors. Over the weekend we had two friends visit from Brisbane. Actually, we had never met before - one of them we had "met" online way back around the year 2000 when we published our book about people who choose not to have kids. It was fantastic to meet her in person and show off our little piece of paradise. Here are a few of the local things we did during their stay.

A stop at Home Hill to pick up some pinot
The grapes are almost ready for this year's vintage
Hot spiced cider at The Apple Shed in Grove
Hot chocolate at The Cat's Tongue in Huonville
.... with some chocolates of course
A walk in the Hartz Mountains National Park
Lichen, fungi, snow
Tahune Airwalk
More autumn fungus under the Tahune Airwalk

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