Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sea change hot spot

There was an article about Tasmanian property prices in The Mercury yesterday. Fairly unexciting stuff, except that there was a lovely accompanying piece about Franklin featuring Darren, who together with wife Sarah owns the post office and general store here. He even managed to sneak onto the cover of the paper - see below. Apparently the Huon Valley is a hot spot for interstate buyers, and "the market for 'sea change' and 'tree change' buyers" has not reached anywhere near its full potential. Are we trendsetters or simply fast-followers? Or just way too late to the party? Who cares, at least we're here and for that, I am grateful.


  1. Hi Susan, check out this artilace written last year on this very subject but they are saying tat Gourmet Tourism is driving much of the real estet prices up in the Huon.
    What these articles seem to miss though is the lack of infrastructure to support such growth

    Steve from the RVL

  2. It's all your fault Steve! Oh yeah and that gourmet farmer bloke. Certainly I see some vendors asking very unrealistic prices in the hope of a lottery win, and they usually end up coming down in price. Interesting article. As you say, infrastructure (along with availability of work) is still a big issue.

  3. very true, along with reasonably priced public transport, it costs me about $75 a week for my son to catch the bus to uni.