Monday, October 3, 2011

Cape Deslacs walk

The frosty starting temperature at our place at 6.00am yesterday was -0.02 degrees according to the weather station, but the sun quickly changed that. The first day of daylight saving (how I love it!) turned into an absolutely stunning spring day, perfect for a walk. I joined friends in our social walking group for a stroll around the Cape Deslacs circuit and out along the headland overlooking Pipeclay Lagoon and Clifton Beach with its cliffs and blowholes. We were rewarded with 360 degree views of the Tasman Peninsula and surrounding bays. There was lots of bird life, including a few brilliant red flame robins. Plenty of wildflowers were out already, including a couple of orchids. Cruise ship season has begun, and we saw one heading up the Derwent towards Hobart. We finished up with coffee and French pastries (for some) in Bellerive. Map of walk here.


  1. Hi Susan What delightful photos. It really was a gem of a day down here yesterday. I'm so glad you made the best of it. J x

  2. hi susan..great photos!! looks like you had an amazing day :)