Monday, October 17, 2011

Glorious mud

Mud. It's part of the true Tasmanian experience. I have learned since moving here that a bushwalk in Tasmania always involves mud. In Sydney, gaiters kept sand out of my socks and boots, but here, they're for wet grass and mud protection. At our place, it's clay rather than mud. We've had quite a lot of rain recently and some patches just never seem to dry up, like this spot near our garage.

When visitors come to stay, I advise them to bring 'sensible shoes', not sandals or dainty heels, but it's funny sometimes how people's definition of 'sensible shoes' can differ! Let's just say ballet flats are not much good in mud. So I'll be more explicit in future and specify hiking boots, lace-up leather shoes or runners with good tread on the soles.

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  1. He, he that's funny. Definitely sensible shoes around our place too!