Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mouse trap test drive

Yesterday as I stood in the queue at the hardware store with four different types of mouse trap, the sales assistant asked, 'Got a small problem, have we?'

One day last week as I was locking the chooks up in their hen house, I heard squeaking and little feet running up in the roof, then saw the shadow of a mouse slipping between the rafters in the old pickers hut. Oh no. Then the next morning, David spotted a brazen mouse on our deck chair on the front lawn! He ran outside with the dogs, who were caught up in the excitement but completely failed to see the mouse bouncing around on the grass. It disappeared under the house, only to emerge a short time later, and this time the girls spotted it. With paws and faces covered in clay, they tried to dig the mouse out from between some rocks in the garden. On high alert, Baerli waited patiently for it to re-emerge and she caught it. She dropped the dead mouse onto the dog bed at the back door... and Gretchen promptly ate it. Ewww. Dogs are so disgusting.

In last night's initial test run of four different types of mouse trap, each baited with peanut butter, it was the old-fashion cheap wooden variety that caught the mouse, just as Bruce over in Cygnet had advised. Poor hens must have got quite a fright when that thing went off in the middle of the night.


  1. It doesn't surprise me that the old-school mouse trap worked. I have bought the round plastic types in the past because they seemed more humane but they just don't work. Glad I didn't witness your dog eating the mouse. Some things should remain private. lol

  2. We have an enterprising lil mouse living under the front deck. It comes up a pipe & scampers over my potted succulents & grabs food out of Zuki's dinner bowl, right in front of him. He waits for it now but is just way too slow!
    Ps..Did it snow at your place today?? We had lots of hail.

  3. Poor Zuki! Gretchen's food would be safe, I've never seen a dog eat as fast as she does. I'm worried she'll get bloat. We've had a LOT of rain, and some snow, but it is far too wet for any of it to stay on the ground.