Sunday, October 23, 2011

Billy Brown's Falls

The beautiful weather today meant it was time for a short walk. We headed for Billy Brown's Falls, which has been the centre of some local protests with a fight to stop planned forestry logging of the West Wellington area.

From Huonville, you drive to Judbury then follow Judds Creek Road for about 11.5km. Personally, I would only want to drive there in a 4WD. The Huon Trail guidebook says the walk is signposted, but below is the extent of the signage we saw. The downside of most walks to waterfalls is that you need to go after rains to see the full beauty of the falls, but of course that means the track is muddier. Luckily the falls were absolutely worth it today, so my advice is, go after rains. The clear cool water roared over the rocks into the rocky pools below.

It's only a short walk, 1.5 hours return, up a hill that's steep in places, then down to the falls and the same in reverse. There are some very tall trees and some lovely rainforest to walk through. Almost back at the car, we saw a tiger snake slide away then double back across the path, so we got a good look at him.

On the way back down Judds Creek Road, I was excited to see the markers for the Tasmanian Trail, which I plan to walk someday. It runs about 480 km from Devonport in the north of Tasmania to Dover in the south, passing through towns and wilderness areas. If you fancy walking it too, let me know.


  1. How amazing! I've heard "rumours" about this walk but never knew how to find it. Thanks for the directions - it looks stunning.

  2. it was sounding good up until the snake part!