Monday, January 10, 2011

Sleeping beauty

Driving north from Franklin towards Hobart offers many views of the mountain range called Sleeping Beauty. You can see quite clearly why it is called that in the photo below, taken from the not-so-lovely swamp in Huonville. I love how it looks different every time you look at it, whether lit up by the sun, misty or framed by dramatic clouds.


  1. I live behind this "swamp" and have the beautiful view of sleeping beauty every day. In all her forms, clouded, snow and emerging from the famous valley fog. She's a beautiful sentinel to have so close yet so far away.

  2. I agree, she looks beautiful - and different - every day. I have wanted to walk up Trestle Mountain for ages so will definitely do that in the next few months and report back.

  3. With Mount Wellington called Kanunyi; could someone tell me the aboriginal name for Sleeping Beauty??