Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fire bug

In Sydney it was illegal to burn pretty much anything, anytime, except food on the barbie. Where we live now, people burn pretty much anything, anytime - at least in winter. On 5 January a fire permit season came into force - so it is still possible to burn off, but you need a permit.

One bloke down our road seemed to have a constant fire going during winter. With my OH being a bit of a fire bug, of course he had to acquire a butane powered torch for burning weeds. It worked very well on the horrid thistle that pops up around the place. Then he progressed to torching the longish grass and weeds along the fence, where the terrain is too rough for either a mower or whipper snipper. Didn't enjoy himself at all, as you can see.


  1. Susan, I think it is a "male" thing to be in charge of a fire. I've had grown men come around for a visit because my partner was planning a bonfire to rid the yard of broken limbs from trees etc. The latest one was just last night and he sat there until after midnight enjoying the mild evening, the birds and wild life sounds. So he says. I think it was more to do with the fire!

  2. It's quite concerning, recently on a windy 30C day we followed a smoke trail to a neighbouring property-no one was home watching the fire. I am constantly astounded at how complacent people are about burning off. Will it take a major bushfire disaster to remind people? I hope not...