Monday, January 17, 2011

A casualty to our move

Six weeks ago my dear, soft, slightly senile 15 year old cat Patsy ran away into the bush next to our house and has not returned. As she was old, timid and fragile, and the weather in the weeks following was cold and often wet, and the Tasmanian bush hostile and full of other creatures like possums and snakes, I don't hold out much hope for her survival. For four weeks, I called for her every day, and shed a little tear when she did not return. When it was windy, cold and wet at I night I couldn't sleep, knowing my poor little cat was out there, frightened and hungry. But now, six weeks after her disappearance, I think I have to accept that she's gone.

A couple of times when she was younger and we lived in Sydney, she disappeared for two weeks only to turn up unexpectedly, a little thinner but otherwise fine. Miracles always happen, I guess, but I doubt she's still out there now. Please don't ask me to talk about it as I can't do any more crying. Goodbye, my little Patsy.


  1. Hi Susan, your post really touched me. I really know what you mean about 'not knowing what has happened to them' and I am sorry that you might have to face the inevitable. Our pets really are irreplacable and shape us and our view of what it is to be human and humane.

  2. Just found your blog. So sorry about your cat. Older cats often go off to die on their own so I am thinking that is what happened. Sounds like she was well loved and so had a wonderful life and you can take heart in this.