Wednesday, February 1, 2017

RIP Lilly cat

Dear old Lil reached the grand age of 20 years and six months. She had one of the oldest cat microchips in the country. Today we said goodbye to her, the last of the two cats we brought with us to Tasmania almost seven years ago.

Lilly had been very frail with poor eyesight and hearing for a few years and we were kind of amazed she kept going as long as she did. She needed combing every day and her eyes wiped regularly as she was not grooming herself properly. We even gave her a bath a couple of times. But still I felt it was not time to put her down. She was not sick. Over summer she was happy basking in the sun for hours. She was still eating well, drinking and using the litter tray - until this week.

Things went downhill on the weekend and on Monday we made the appointment to go to the vet with her on Wednesday. In some ways I wanted to take her sooner. By Tuesday there wasn't much of her left - so frail, no spirit left in her at all. A far cry from years ago in Sydney when she weighed 8+ kilos from stealing and begging food from the neighbours! She was such a funny cat in her day. She had this weird habit of hugging walls, then leaping up the wall and pushing off to get our attention.

I am sad but I am happy that we got in some long cuddles at the end and she purred and (I hope) knew she was loved. RIP Lil.


  1. I'm so sorry to read that Lilly has gone. Such sad news but a great innings. So many years of joy and funny stories I'm sure. RIP Lilly.

    1. Thank you Louise. We miss her and it's hard not to expect to see her when we go up to the shed. But 20+ years is definitely a good innings for a cat.