Sunday, January 29, 2017

Wellington Falls walk

Yesterday I walked about 17km along the Pipeline Track from Neika to Wellington Falls and back. I was going for distance in preparation for a 27km walk I've signed up for in February. It's a glorious walk and I'd like to do it again in winter. Much of it is along a gravel road and relatively level, easy walking, so I probably didn't need the hiking boots. Softer runners would have been much better for the feet on the hard surface.

Beautiful man ferns line much of the track and you can see remains of the old pipeline as well as newer water catchment infrastructure. There are fantastic views of Cathedral Rock, so much bird life and great fields of rock scree along the way. It would have been better to visit the falls after the heavy downpours we had a few weeks back, but it's still a spectacular location any time of the year. It took me almost five hours all up including photo stops and a nice morning tea break in the sun at the falls lookout. On the way out I was passed by one runner and a cyclist, on the way back several pairs of bike riders and a couple of walkers. For a Saturday so close to Hobart in summer, it was incredibly peaceful, almost meditative walking.

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