Friday, January 29, 2016

South Cape Bay

I love the four-hour return walk to the beach at South Cape Bay from Cockle Creek (as far south as you can drive in Australia) for the huge variety of landscapes you see on a relatively short and easy walk. Starting off in dry eucalypt forest, you hit a section of boardwalk through what would be a swamp if we'd had more rain, then buttongrass plains, followed by sections of humid rainforest and streams before reaching the dark grey cliffs and white sands below, waves pounding on the shore. When our little party walked it on Sunday, the weather was as varied as the scenery. It's wild and remote and so so beautiful.


  1. Enjoyed your short description of this walk. Made me adding it as a possible item on our list of things to do when we're staying in/around Dover this November.

    1. It's only a short drive from Dover, and in November I think many of the tiny wildflowers would be out. Enjoy your visit!