Friday, January 1, 2016

A berry happy new year to you

This time of year is THE BEST. It's fruit heaven. Yesterday morning I bought more big fat cherries from a local orchard, after gorging on them over Christmas. In the afternoon, my neighbour arrived at the back door with a home delivery - a large bowl of raspberries - and a few blackberries as well. Meanwhile, I picked three lousy raspberries from my own canes yesterday. The secret to my neighbour's success with raspberries? Dead animals, apparently. I believe him. He composts dead chickens and roadkill wallabies by burying them under the raspberries, along with a little blood and bone. Unfortunately, I planted my raspberries inside the yard, and if I dig in stuff like that the dogs would dig it up again for a tasty treat. I'll have to move them next winter.

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