Saturday, May 25, 2013

Next season's garlic

I've heard several people saying it is too late to think about putting garlic in, and yet it feels like I only just harvested last year's little crop. Then I saw my planting notes from last year saying I planted 35 cloves on 20 May, so maybe it's not too late after all.  It was a late crop but I was happy with it and I have plenty left - see photo below. They might not be the biggest bulbs, but the cloves are good sized and tasty. The year before I only planted nine cloves and they were gone too soon. This year's harvest will last a bit longer. Today I planted even more, of three different varieties, so fingers crossed they do as well as last year.

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  1. Susan I have been led to believe that in the far south we have until the shortest day to plant our garlic and that it will be ready before the longest day.
    I have always stuck by that and so far no problems.

    This year I have planted earlier than usual, just over 200 cloves so far (we do Love our garlic)and it's all looking pretty good (fingers crossed, touching wood etc.)

    So plenty of garlic for both of us!