Friday, May 24, 2013

Dutch creams

I've had a bumper potato harvest this year. From just one raised garden bed and half an apple crate, I've dug up many kilos of delicious dutch creams, my new favourite variety of potato since moving to Tasmania and discovering that there were more than just brushed, washed and desiree varieties. I left digging up the last of them a bit too late and the soil was wet, not ideal for harvesting potatoes. Firstly they are much harder to extract and secondly they need to be well dried before storing, not so easy when they are covered in mud. We've already eaten the first lot we harvested and they were some of the best potatoes I've had - easy to peel, creamy yellow flesh, great mashed, boiled, baked or fried... a great all rounder. I'll plant more again this year.

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