Thursday, May 30, 2013

Green tomatoes

Last weekend I pulled up the tomato plants, both those growing in the greenhouse and the ones in the apple crate garden beds outside. I was left with several large bowls of red or 'turning' tomatoes that will go red, and a couple of kilos of green tomatoes unlikely to do much except rot if I left them there.

On the weekend I made a large batch of tomato passata (now in the freezer) using the ripe tomatoes and then on Monday night made a big pot of green tomato chutney. Only thing is, I remembered halfway through cooking it (from the overpowering smell that filled the house) that I don't actually like chutney much. Well, except perhaps the peach and lime chutney at the local Indian restaurant. So David is going to be eating a lot of the stuff and there might be a few jars given away or swapped.


  1. that looks great susan, i didnt get enough tomatoes this year to make anything. if David get sick of it and you want to swap some, i will swap for some jam or i can bake you some cakes.
    (love reading your blog, keep up the good work)

    1. Thanks Jo, I'll keep that in mind as I am always happy to swap for jam!

  2. Looks g8 Susan. I tried making a green tomato passata yesterday which was interesting, roasted them first to sweeten them up. I don't think I'll be buying pizza sauce anytime soon plus i have 12kg of frozen whole tomatoes in the freezer, which are so handy..not too bad for this tomato challenged grower!