Saturday, May 18, 2013

Here's to Tasmanian whisky

I'm not a whisky drinker. But I might yet be converted. It should be in the blood somewhere, seeing as my Mum is Scottish. Today is World Whisky Day and Tasmania has a growing reputation as a producer of premium single malt whiskies.

This week I had the opportunity to tour Hellyer's Road Distillery just outside Burnie in Tasmania's north west. The general manager and chief distiller explained the process of whisky making then hosted a tasting, giving tips of what to look for. The restaurant is terrific too - we enjoyed lunch with the backdrop of  beautiful views. I had no idea before I visited that the distillery is a subsidiary of Tasmanian cooperative milk supplier Betta Milk, and it was interesting to see a few products that combined both sides of the business. I came back with a bottle of single malt and another of whisky cream liqueur.

Seeing as it's World Whisky Day and suitably chilly outside, we'll try a wee dram this evening. Here's to the Tasmanian whisky producers' continued success on the world stage.

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