Sunday, March 31, 2013

The lucky one

Photo credit: Pauline Snell
This handsome young cockerel went to a great new home in Franklin on Good Friday and we hear he is settling in well. His Barnevelder ladies are so far ignoring him, but at least they aren't plucking the feathers from the back of his neck at night, as happened to poor Russell after we brought him home.

Unfortunately seven of our first batch of eight chicks turned out to be male. One other lucky fellow is now enjoying the good life with a lovely local family.

The remaining five young blokes were not so lucky today. It was our first rooster cull and we did it as quickly and humanely as possible using the broomhandle method (warning for the squeamish: that's a video). I feel a little sad about it, but anyone who keeps chickens must be prepared to do this. In a few hours we will pluck or skin them ready for cooking. Not really looking forward to that job either, but I am looking forward to cooking up a huge pot of coq au vin someday soon with the meat from our own flock. I hope it is a fitting tribute.

P.S. If you would like to save two more lovely young cockerels from this terrible fate, we currently have two nine week old boys who will be ready to go to new homes in a month or two.


  1. Hi Susan,
    I am interested in one your boys. We have 3 female barnvelders and have been thinking of adding a rooster. We are just off new rd, my email address is


  2. We are just waiting to see what sex our 8 Bantam chicks are..I think we have 3-4 girls by the look of their head gear..

  3. That's great news Nicole :-) Will get in touch with more details. Cheers,