Monday, March 11, 2013

A Taste of the Huon 2013

A bit of drizzle doesn't stop Tasmanians from going out and enjoying themselves. It was a foggy day at the Taste of the Huon festival yesterday with light misty rain and hardly an umbrella in sight. We ate san choy bow from the Red Velvet Lounge stall, a lamb wrap from Moots in Kahoots and bought a few other tasty bits and pieces on the way. I finally got to meet Sarah from Bag Bakery, a maker of very pretty bags and purses made from vintage fabrics. I have enjoyed her blog about Moving to Tasmania over the past few years. David had a scary potato thingy (pictured here). Best of all, we had no idea that local ska/reggae/roots band Lively Up were going to be playing, but we showed up at the right time to sit down with a Willie Smiths cider and enjoy their tunes.


  1. It was busy down there today, and luckily no rain. I tried the Pulled Pork Roll from the Fat Pig Farm caravan (gourmet farmer) and little one had an icecream from the icecream van (not gourmet but always nice).
    A lovely day out and a chance to try some local goodness.
    (I brought my Willie Smiths home to enjoy in peace later)

  2. The highlight of the curly potato was the busty woman threading them onto the stick.
    It was downhill after that and I loved it :-)