Saturday, March 30, 2013


Last week I had to resort to buying supermarket eggs again. We are down to two laying hens, one of those is moulting and we're only getting one egg every few days... I expect supply will stop completely soon. I wanted to make a cheesecake that requires five eggs, so supermarket eggs it is. We feel kind of ripped off buying them. And the free range date stamped supermarket eggs look quite ghostly next to our Barnevelder eggs.


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  2. Hi Susan, I have a few chooks slowing down at the moment too but I'm hoping to rectify that pretty quick. Last year I was in the butchers in Huonville and there was a woman there buying pet mince for her "girls". She swears by it and they kept laying all the way through winter! She also gives them warm porridge in the mornings but I might have to give that idea a miss.

  3. Hilarious, Jan! I do give the chooks a warm mash of layer meal mixed with hot water and/or milk (and whatever else I have like carrot peel, potato, garlic) once the weather is cold, but maybe I'll try mixing in some of the cat's mince with it. I know it's important to keep the protein up so they can regrow those feathers quickly and lay eggs. Might give it a go.