Monday, October 1, 2012

Oktoberfest No. 1

This year, we're celebrating Oktoberfest twice. Yesterday the nice people from our car club hosted the annual Oktoberfest BBQ at the beautiful Waterworks Reserve in the foothills of Mount Wellington. If you're looking for somewhere near Hobart to hold a gathering, this place is great, as you can book one of the nine shelters that come complete with tables and gas or wood barbecues, so it doesn't matter much what the weather throws at you. The reserve is a lovely little piece of history. Cheeky kookaburras and ducks move in the second the grill is lit. Next weekend we're doing it all again, this time at home. Nice wheat beer, good sausages, sauerkraut and mustard... what's not to like?



  1. is that a 2002 with the round taillights? Love the colour-cool as!

  2. Yes, lovely isn't it. Sadly not ours!

  3. One of the guys at the BBQ had just taken delivery of this...

    1M in Valencia orange.

    "want that one"