Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Walk to the old mill

There's all sorts of stuff hidden up in the forestry areas in the hills west of the Huon. Around half an hour's walk from our house you can find an old logging mill site strewn with rusted old boilers, trucks and other machinery. We first walked there more than two years ago, and on Sunday afternoon we went again, this time with the two dogs. The route goes from the forestry gate at the top of New Road in Franklin and in fact follows the road as shown on most maps but for the last part it's no longer a road. We've offered to lead a walk there for the Huon Valley Dog Walking Association, but now plan to leave it until the cooler months again due to risk of snakes. It's a lovely short walk, full of sounds of the bush like lyrebirds. Once on an early morning walk I heard screams of Tasmanian devils. I've seen one dead one and a live one nearby, so we know they are around.

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