Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Grey Mountain

In Sunday's perfect, sunny spring weather I walked up Grey Mountain (830m) as a test run for a walk I am leading for our social walking group in December. Grey Mountain is the tallest and second peak from the right in the header photo at the top of my blog. We see it every day from our house, as it changes colour in the afternoon sun or disappears inside a thick grey cloud. And most importantly, it's where our internet and mobile phone service come from. We can just see the two communications towers on top in clear weather.

Almost exactly two years ago I attempted to walk up there from the other side, from Van Morey Road at Margate, as per the instructions here. It was a horrible clay bog in pouring down rain and I ended up turning back. It was a much nicer walk leaving from the Cradoc Hill Abattoir yesterday. It's a steady climb entirely on 4WD tracks and then up the access road to the communications towers. However the views are lovely, stretching to many of the peaks in southern Tasmania and out to Bruny Island. The birds were busy and the wildflowers were out in the bush at the top. I plan to walk up there from Cygnet one day too.


  1. Hi Susan, I did the walk from Van Morey Road in July this year and it was a little muddy but not raining thankfully. Overall a fairly flat walk but at 18.4k is quite long. I probably would not do it that way again.
    Cheers Denis

  2. Hi Denis, it was only 11.5km from the abattoir, but if I fancy a longer trek I'll try again from Margate or maybe Cygnet. Winter is probably a good idea too... it would be a hot climb in summer!