Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Herman the German

This morning my friend Cheryl popped over to give me Herman, a sourdough starter for a German friendship cake. It's a cute idea. You feed and care for Herman according to the instructions, and then after 10 days he gets very hungry and you feed him apples, raisins and much more besides and he turns into a cake! If you live nearby and would like a Herman of your very own to care for, please let me know and I'll drop him over next week once he's grown a bit.


  1. Hi susan, that sounds great, if you get any left i would love to try it. Im in Lucaston i could collect if easier.
    have you still got your sour dough bread start going?

  2. Excellent, he will be ready to collect on Tuesday, anytime except 1-2pm is good. Will email separately to arrange! We are still making sourdough and have the starter still going. Yesterday's loaf was very good. I haven't been very adventurous and keep making the same old loaf, just varying the flours a little. But we haven't bought packaged bread for ages which is great!

  3. well done. mine is still hanging in there haha. just. i havent made a lot as the rest of the family are to lazy to cut the bread and im trying to cut down on bread consumption.

    look forward to trying Herman.