Saturday, September 15, 2012

Collins Bonnet

Here's Sleeping Beauty, the lovely collection of mountains we can see every time we drive to Hobart.

Today I stood on her nose. I originally wanted to climb up to Collins Bonnet from Mountain River, but descriptions of the very long and steep climb up a rocky fire trail put me off. So I set off from the Big Bend on Mount Wellington. It was a beautiful and varied walk, including icy fire trail, wet alpine rocky bits, rock hopping and scrambling, duckwalk and overgrown scrubby sections. I think it was about 16km all up and about a 700m climb - my mobile phone conked out so my Runkeeper tracking stopped a couple of kilometres early.



  1. Jane and I tried the fire trail route a few years ago and it is not worth the effort. Better your way.

  2. i was wondering, do you go on your own? I would be scared of getting lost!
    Once you got to sleeping beauty did you have to walk back to the start or find your way down the hill?

  3. I retraced my steps back to Big Bend - I did think about taking the Big Bend fire trail all the way back, but it was longer and not very pleasant walking after a while. I did go on my own, took good maps etc. Regardless, it's probably not the smartest idea. There are a few other nearby places I'd like to go, like Lake Skinner and Snowy South (track goes from near Judbury) but as there's no mobile coverage I am not keen to go on my own.

  4. i would love to do that sometime, i need to improve fitness again though. I used to do a lot of walking but have not been out much lately and have lost my fitness.
    You must see some beautiful places when you walk on these out of the way tracks.

  5. Walked to Lake Skinner in April 09. The second half is fun and interesting ,the first half not so. I recommend summer and walk with someone who enjoys a skinny dip. Seen pics of both my adult boys who celebrated the lake that way.