Sunday, September 2, 2012

Spring is here

Like someone had flicked the switch, yesterday we woke up to this:

We had a full day of lovely sunshine and cool temperatures. I set out on a long-ish walk, almost 17km from the centre of Huonville to Lower Longley, where I hopped on the TassieLink bus back to Huonville. It was a little adventure of the sort I love, going up tracks and back roads, checking on my map and my phone if I'm going in the right direction to get to the desired destination.

I have (perhaps foolishly) signed up to walk in the Point to Pinnacle in November, a 21km walk from the Wrest Point Casino on the Derwent River up to the top of Mount Wellington at about 1270 metres. So I need to practice hiking up (large) hills. Yesterday's walk had a total climb of 902m, according to the Runkeeper app I used to track the walk on my phone. The big hill was up Knights Road from Huonville, plenty of huffing and puffing there.

The best part of the walk was the many views of snow-capped mountains in the sun. I saw Hartz Peak and Mount Snowy, what I think was the Picton range and Mount Snowy and then finally Adamsons Peak and The Calf in the south. Stunning views which my phone camera really did not do justice to.

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