Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tassie sourdough

Yesterday's loaf was made with lovely Tasmanian flour from Callington Mill at Oatlands. It made our simple dinner of ham and smoked salmon on freshly baked bread even better.


  1. your bread looks good, i had a few disasters so used regular self raising white flour and it seems better now. Im hoping to try some callington flour and see if that works. I had some yesterday with cream cheese and some nice cold meat from ziggys.
    hope you are both keeping well

  2. Funny you say that Jo, my last one was a disaster. Too much water (the amount in the recipe isn't always needed) and then it was taken out of the oven too early. Fed it to the dogs'

  3. Hi Susan-gotta love making your own! Whilst I love the Callington Mill flour, I find the gluten content not sufficient enough to make the bread that I am able to with harder flours. Give it a go with 25% Rye and 75% Strong flour-the rye component may tickle thou's taste tendency toward the Teutonic

  4. Will try that Steve, I have been meaning to mix it up with different types of flour. The starter I am using is rye and yes, my favourite bread IS the good old German rye/caraway loaf! Also wondering what to do with a load of buckwheat flour that I have left from a bread recipe I didn't like much...

  5. Buckwheat flapjacks are the BEST!

  6. Would buckwheat work in those savory pancakey things I saw in a "No Reservations" last week?

    They were make with coconut milk instead of milk, bean sprouts, various meats and I'll have to look up the rest.

    They looked brilliant.