Sunday, August 26, 2012

A snowy Sunday

Just when we thought we weren't going to get a decent dump of snow this winter... we woke up to this.

Left the chooks in their shed
Front paddock

By mid-afternoon, it had started to melt.


  1. beautiful! Wheres the Brandy keg under the slobbering chin of your dog BTW?!

  2. It was lovely wasnt it. We drove up and stopped near your house this morning, our little one thought it was fantastic until his fingers and cheeks went blue !!! Might have to buy him some gloves next year.

  3. That's funny Jo! We saw quite a few car loads of snow tourists at the end of our driveway, only recognised one lot of people we know, didn't know you came up too!
    Steve, sadly we have the wrong type of dog for brandy carrying. Ours were used to pull milk carts up those Swiss mountains. Brandy does sound more fun... but I can't get a St Bernard, lovely as they are, I couldn't stand the slobber!